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Tahoe’s Cold Water Brewery celebrates one-year anniversary

Brewer and owner do it their own way

Story and photography first ran in November of 2015 in the Tahoe Tribune.

For brewmaster Ryan Parker, joining Cold Water Brewery was a chance to branch out and try something new; and it was a place to expand on his craft.
“Every beer is an art form,” he said, describing his approach. “Experimentally it’s nice to have that room to grow.”
For him, it’s all about the beer and the community that comes along with it. He leaves the business side of things up to longtime food and beverage industry director and brewery owner Debbie Brown.
“I don’t get out front very often,” Parker said of his focus on brewing. “I just like making beers.” Continue reading Tahoe’s Cold Water Brewery celebrates one-year anniversary

Clark, Kim, Gold leading charge in women’s snowboard halfpipe

Pushing boundaries, trio credits friendship over rivalry

Story first run in the Summit Daily News in March of 2015

One is a four-time Olympian and the first woman to land a 1080 in competition, the other recently became the youngest snowboarder to win gold at the X Games. Together 31-year-old Kelly Clark and 14-year-old Chloe Kim have been dominating women’s halfpipe for the last year and a half — with their U.S. teammate Arielle Gold, 18, not far behind.
“I think it’s awesome,” Gold said of their accomplishments in the last season. “I think the three of us have been pushing the sport more than it’s ever been.”
Since the Olympic qualifiers last winter one, two or all three of them have been on a podium for every major women’s snowboarding competition, with Clark generally setting the bar. It’s a streak bound to continue this weekend with Kim, Clark and Gold finishing first, second and third in the qualifying round of the Burton U.S. Open at Vail Thursday. They’ll face off in the finals Saturday in Vail Mountain’s Golden Peak halfpipe.
But don’t call it a rivalry. Continue reading Clark, Kim, Gold leading charge in women’s snowboard halfpipe

UC Davis reports Lake Tahoe clarity down in 2015

Winter returns Lake Tahoe level to natural rim

News story first appeared in the Tahoe Daily Tribune Click here for story

Lake Tahoe’s famed water clarity took a hit last year in part due to California’s fourth consecutive year of drought. Researchers from the University of California, Davis, announced this week that average mid-lake clarity dropped nearly 5 feet in 2015 when compared to the previous year.

Tahoe Daily Tribune Lake cover

According to UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center, lake visibility averaged 73.1 feet, a 4.8-foot drop from 2014.

While at face value it may appear to be headline-grabbing news, research center director Geoffrey Schladow said it’s not a cause for concern.

“If it declined another 4 or 5 feet next year that would be concerning,” he said. “I don’t expect that.”

Schladow described the change as a relatively normal year-to-year fluctuation that may have in part been influenced by record-low snow and warmer inflow from streams and creeks last year. Both leave fine particles closer to the surface. Continue reading UC Davis reports Lake Tahoe clarity down in 2015

Explore Summit: Olympic snowboarders feature

Growing Up Golden : Olympic snowboarders Taylor and Arielle Gold

Explore Summit magazine feature on Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Olympic and X Games snowboarders Taylor and Arielle Gold. (Spring 2015 issue) Story also ran in the Summit Daily News and Explore Summit Weekender. Sample below; full story link here.


Just a under a month after his first Dew Tour win, 21-year-old Taylor Gold is back at it in the halfpipe at Breckenridge Ski Resort. While his 18-year-old sister Arielle — an equally accomplished rider with podium finishes at both X Games and Dew Tour — runs laps with four-time Olympic snowboarder Kelly Clark, Taylor sits on top of one of the 22-foot halfpipe’s walls thinking about a trick.

Taylor Gold training

After strapping in, he stands up, slides forward a little and eyes the spot he is about to hit on the opposing wall.
“Anything I do here is going to be thoroughly unimpressive,” he jokes.
It’s a few days before the U.S. Freeskiing and U.S. Snowboarding pro teams start their pre-X Games training camp. Taylor, Arielle, Clark and a handful of other skiers and snowboarders are already in the pipe at Breckenridge getting a jump on training and shaking off rust after a holiday break.
Standing near the edge Taylor waits for an opening between riders and skiers coming from the top of the pipe. He drops in, airs out of the pipe with a quick grab and then hikes back up. The small trick is just a portion of what will eventually build into something much larger, more complex.
“I told you it wasn’t going to be impressive.” [Continue full story here.]


Mountain towns seizing on summer tourism

Lake Tahoe sets example for summer tourism trend

This story on mountain town summer tourism trends ran in the Tahoe Tribune, Reno Gazette Journal and was picked up by the Associated Press.


SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (AP) – For years mountain towns in places like Colorado and Utah essentially closed down when the chairlifts stopped spinning in the springtime. Locals might have embraced summer opportunities, but ski area marketing departments were less apt to aggressively pursue summer traffic.Reno Gazette Journal front page

That’s all changed, said Tom Foley, director of operations for DestiMetrics – a Denver, Colorado-based organization that tracks mountain lodging bookings at 19 western mountain destinations in California, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Oregon and Wyoming.

“All mountain destinations are learning that a single winter season does not a business make,” Foley said in an interview with the Tahoe Daily Tribune. “Summer is a season of opportunity,” especially with increasingly unreliable winters.

DestiMetrics recently reported record summer lodging occupancy and revenue numbers for the third consecutive summer across the West, with individual markets up anywhere from 2 to 14 percent.

“It’s not a fluke. It’s the result of good marketing,” Foley said.

But for Lake Tahoe it’s nothing new, and in some respects the region is leading by example….

Read full story here